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We are a non-profit writer’s organization located in Harlingen, Texas. Our mission is to encourage and support the Rio Grande Valley writing community through workshops, lectures, writing competitions, and other programs. 

Valley Byliner Adminstration_edited.jpg
James Arnold, 

James Arnold is the president for Valley Byliners. He is also

the author of The Trust.  

Frank Cortazo.jpg
Frank Cortazo,     Former President

Frank Cortazo is a retired educator and served as the former president for Valley Byliners, and continues to act in the best interest of Valley Byliners.

Valley Byliner Adminstration_edited.jpg
Joy Arnold,                    Secretary

Joy Arnold is a retired educator and serves as the secretary for the Valley Byliners.

        VP of Programs
Ana A. Cavazos,               Vice  President of 
 Public Relations

Ana A. Cavazos is a retired teacher and librarian.   Ana enjoys working with children and advocating for literacy in the Rio Grande Valley.  Ana is the author of a short story and memoir, "Through Fields to an Education" and The Comic Strips and Cartooning Book.

Board Members and Committee Leadership

Frank Cortazo
Susan Holmes
Janice Workman
Delma Rodriguez
Michael McGarry
Linda Gaston
Mark Esperanza

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Michael McGarry-podium-Cropped.jpg
Janice Workman.jpg
Delma Rodriguez.jpg
Linda Gaston.jpg

Frank Cortazo               Susan Holmes                 Michael McGarry          Janice Workman         Delma Rodriguez        Linda Gaston

Program Committee

Mark Esperanza              Delma Rodriguez           Linda Gaston


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Linda Gaston.jpg
Mark Esperanza.jpg

Publicity Committee

Ana A. Cavazos                   Mario Munoz

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